Welcome to the Ocean Breeze Hari Society

Founded in 2019, OBHS was created as a membership society to support and promote the study of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture in Florida. Members of this society will be entitled to discounted registration fees and participation in special events. Details on membership program will be available soon.

We offer workshops in Hari and other Traditional Japanese Acupuncture styles and practices both in-person in Florida and online for students and professionals alike.

Our founders are:

T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei, Lead Instructor and founder of The Hari Society out of Massachusetts

Cameron Bishop, DAOM, L.Ac., President of Ocean Breeze Hari Society out of Riviera Beach, FL

Gretchen Lorenson, AP, DOM, Vice-President of Ocean Breeze Hari Society out of Jacksonville, FL

Ananda Devi, RN, AP, Administrative and CEU coordinator of Ocean Breeze Hari Society out of Gainsville, FL